This tutorial has several prerequisites. Make sure you have the following available before proceeding.

  • XML Extensions reference documentation may be found in A Guide to Interoperating with ACUCOBOL-GT, Working with Non-Vision Data.
  • Xcentrisity Business Information Server (BIS) must be installed and operating correctly, as demonstrated by the verification and samples operating correctly.
  • Xcentrisity Business Information Server reference documentation is installed in the Docs\BIS subdirectory of the extend installation directory. This document can also be accessed by choosing Start > All Programs > extend x.x.x > Business Information Server. Note that a PDF viewer is required.
  • The file, which is located in %PUBLIC%\documents\micro focus\extend x.x.x\AcuGT\sample\BIS directory on Windows and in .../sample/acubis10/tutorial on UNIX/Linux. Unzip this file into a subdirectory named tutorial1. The tutorial examples, as delivered, create trace information (see the BIS reference documentation for the The {{Trace}} Tag). The trace information is placed in a top level directory named /tmp . If this directory does not exist, either create the directory with permissions that allow BIS to create files in the directory, or edit the tutorial1.srf, tutorial2.srf and tutorial3.srf files to save the trace information in a directory of your choice.
  • A web services client is necessary for testing web services. This tutorial uses soapUI, which may be found at, as well as Microsoft Visual Studio. Download and install soapUI as a minimum test client.