Setting Permissions on New Files

When a client application makes its initial request to AcuServer for services, the requester is validated for permission to use AcuServer. If the requester is permitted to use AcuServer, a user name is assigned to the requester based on the Local Username field of the matching server access record. Files created for that requester by AcuServer get the user and group ownerships of the assigned Local Username. See AcuServer Connection Logic for more information.


The read and write permissions set on new files are determined by the umask specified in the matching server access record (because all files created are data files, execute permission is not applicable).

On Windows NT and Windows 2000 - 2008 servers, when AcuServer security is being used, the umask is used to set read and write permissions for the owner (leftmost digit) and for other (rightmost digit). The group digit (middle) is ignored. umask is not used when Windows NT security is enabled. See System Security for more information about AcuServer security.