Starting SoapUI and Creating the Project

  1. Start the SoapUI application from the start menu. Once you close a start up dialog box or Version Update dialog box, the SoapUI work area appears.

    The left pane provides an area to define and navigate projects and their assets. The right pane contains windows that are associated with a selected project.

    Follow these steps to create a project to test the first example.

  2. Click File > New SOAP Project.
  3. In the New SOAP Project dialog box, type a name for the project.
  4. Enter for the WSDL. Since the temperature conversion web service provides a WSDL as the result of a GET on the endpoint URL with the WSDL query parameter appended, only a name for the project and the URL of the web service end point is needed.
  5. Ensure the Create Requests: check box is checked. This lets SoapUI create a prototype request document for each method. Click OK.

Two bindings display in the left pane, named TempConvertSoap and TempConvertSoap12. Each binding has two methods, CelsiusToFahrenheit and FahrenheitToCelsius. This tutorial uses theTempConvertSoap binding.

Tip: A binding is a set of operations or functions that can be invoked. This web service presents the same set of functions available in each binding. The bindings differ in the technical details between different versions of SOAP.