When using the WPROGRESSDIALOG-CREATE operation with the WPROGRESSDIALOG-MODAL flag, the resulting progress dialog might not be modal to the current window. It would be modal to the main application window, but if you had other windows open, you might be able to interact with them.

Set the configuration variable W_PROGRESS_PARENT to the default value of MAIN or 0, then W$PROGRESSDIALOG behaves as it always has. The parent window of the dialog is the main ACU window.

When set to the value of CURRENT, then the parent of the Progress dialog box is the current active window. The only difference is the parent window parameter passed to the Progress dialog box creation function. When the parent is the current window, then pressing the Cancel button on the dialog box sometimes causes the ACU application to go to the background, requiring you to bring it back to the foreground to continue to interact with the ACU application. This is a side effect of the Progress dialog box. Determine if this behavior is acceptable before using the value of CURRENT for this configuration variable.