Debugging with xterm

Perform these steps to debug with xterm:
  1. Run your machine in X11 mode. Log into the X11 desktop and set the TYPEPARAM to be set to the DISPLAY parameter for the desktop, which is usually :0.0.
  2. Authorize the user ID that the service engine is running on, which will enable you to start a process that connects an X server. In a terminal window on the X session issue this command:
    xauth list $DISPLAY 

    You should get output like this:

    xauth add tex-mikes-centos54/unix:0
  3. Using a terminal emulator, log in to the account that the service engine will be running under. This will probably be root, not the UserName in /etc/xbis.conf. Then enter the command:
    xauth add tex-mikes-centos54/unix:0 MIT-
  4. Copy the underlined parts from the xauth list to the xauth add.