This variable is only effective on UNIX systems when the USE_LARGE_FILE_API variable is also enabled. Otherwise it has no effect.

This configuration variable limits the file access locks that Vision places at the end of the file address space to be placed within the 1TB boundary. This is necessary on some systems such as HP-UX that do not support full 64-bit file addressing on some file system types. Trying to use file offsets larger than that generate I/O errors even though the large file access API is available. Therefore, for HP-UX ports, the default value of this variable is 1 (ON, true, yes).

To allow file access locks for larger files, set the variable's value to 0 (OFF).

If both this configuration variable and the LARGE_FILE_LIMIT_1TB configuration variable are set, the LARGE_FILE_LIMIT_1TB variable takes precedence.