Use this variable to specify the number of retry attempts the run time makes to write data to a socket. This variable is useful when the run time closes a socket prematurely, causing acuthin to issue the following message:

Communication socket closed unexpectedly

The default value of AGS_RETRY_COUNT is 1000 (retries). If for some reason the run time performs more than 1000 retries, it closes the socket.

You can use AGS_BLOCK_SLEEP_TIME in addition to AGS_RETRY_COUNT. However, try not setting AGS_BLOCK_SLEEP_TIME so defaults are used.

This way if the run time has to do multiple retries it sleeps only 10 milliseconds between them. For example, if the run time performs 100 retries before being successful in data transmission:

Retries AGS_BLOCK_SLEEP_TIME Total sleep time
100 10 milliseconds 1.6 seconds
100 100 milliseconds 16 seconds
100 1000 milliseconds 1.6 minutes
100 5000 milliseconds 8.3 minutes

So if you have AGS_BLOCK_SLEEP_TIME set higher than 10 and you are experiencing long delays, try setting AGS_BLOCK_SLEEP_TIME to a smaller value.