Adding an AcuBench Program to a Project

When you add an existing AcuBench program to a project, you are actually adding only the existing program structure file (PSF) to the project. The COBOL source file (.cbl) and associated COPY files are not added. In addition, adding a PSF to a project creates a pointer, or logical association, between the project and the PSF. It does not move or copy the PSF from its current location into the project directory.

As a result, when you add an existing PSF to a project, consider the following:

To add a program structure file to a project, use these steps:

  1. In the Structure view of the Workspace window, right-click the project to which you want to add the program and select Add Program from the pop-up menu. The Add Program to Project dialog is displayed.
  2. In the dialog, locate and specify the name of the program structure file that you want to add and click OK.
  3. To add the associated program file (.cbl), use the Add/Remove function.

To add a plain source file, use the Add/Remove Files function described in Adding an Existing Source File.