Providing JDBC Access

With AcuXDBC Enterprise Edition, you have access to Vision data from JDBC as well as ODBC. Below are the instructions for setting up a JDBC installation on UNIX/Linux:
  1. Create a directory on your machine for the AcuXDBC JDBC files.
  2. Put the downloaded .tar file in that directory and untar it. The directory now contains two subdirectories and a vortex.jar file:
    • sample - Sample Java and JDBC programs.
    • html - HTML Java and JDBC method descriptions.
  3. Move the vortex.jar file into a directory pointed to by the Java JVM $CLASSPATH environment variable that is used for running the JDBC-enabled application.

    Alternatively, you can add this directory to the $CLASSPATH environment variable:


    setenv CLASSPATH "$CLASSPATH":"/usr2/acuxdbc"

    Bourne Shell

    CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/usr2/acuxdbcexport CLASSPATH