RDBMS Support

Acu4GL supports the following RDBMSs:

As a result of our testing and according to general information received from the makers of the RDBMSs regarding upward compatibility of their product, we believe the following to be accurate.
RDBMS Tested with RDBMS version Probable compatibility, based on vendor information

(Client/Server may be used for connecting to other versions)

DB2 8.1, 8.2, and 9 No others
Microsoft SQL Server 2000, and 2005 Versions greater than 6.5
ODBC 3.0 Versions greater than 3.0
Oracle 9i for UNIX® (32- and 64-bit) and Windows, 10g for UNIX (32- and 64-bit) and Windows Versions greater than 9i
Sybase 11.x, 12.5 Versions greater than 11.x

The essence of Acu4GL is that standard COBOL I/O statements are used to access databases. Acu4GL handles the translation between standard COBOL and the language that the RDBMS understands.

There are special instructions and status messages that apply to each individual RDBMS. These are included in the appendices of this manual: each RDBMS has an appendix dedicated to its own specific information.