Installing AcuXDBC/AcuXDBC Server for UNIX/Linux Servers

  1. Mount the installation CD-ROM for AcuXDBC Server.
  2. Change to the mount directory.
  3. Type ./install and follow the instructions given from the command line.
  4. Set the operating system environment variable GENESIS_HOME to the root installation of AcuXDBC, /opt/acucorp/9xx by default. The following is an example of how to set this variable: export GENESIS_HOME=/opt/acucorp/9xx
    Note: The value of the environment variable should not have a “/” as the last character, because this can interfere with installation and configuration scripts.
  5. Set or modify environment variables that point to the location of the AcuXDBC executables and to tell the operating system where to find the AcuXDBC shared libraries. On Linux, use the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables, for example.

export PATH= /opt/acucorp/9xx/ bin:$PATH

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/acucorp/9xx/bin:/opt/acucorp/9xx/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH