Installation Under Windows

AcuSQL is installed using Windows Installer. To install AcuSQL on your Windows host:

  1. Log onto your Windows system.

    Under Windows NT or Windows 2000, to ensure that all files are installed with the correct permissions, it is recommended that you log on using the Administrator account or an account that belongs to the Administrators group. You should also close all applications running on the system.

  2. Insert the installation CD-ROM into your disk drive. If the installation program does not start automatically, click Start, select Run, and then enter:

    replacing D with the device designation of your CD-ROM drive. Follow the instructions on the screen, entering your product code and product key when prompted.

  3. When the Products Selection screen appears, select Custom from the list and click Next.
  4. Select AcuSQL from the product list, and if desired, Online Documentation. Before clicking Next, take special notice of the default installation directory appearing near the bottom of the window. Click Browse to designate a different directory. If you specify a different directory, a subdirectory named with the release version (e.g.Acucbl800) is not created. AcuSQL is installed in the directory you specify.
  5. Click Next to proceed with the installation and follow the instructions on the screen. The program will inform you when installation is complete.

There is nothing on the AcuSQL distribution media to install on your data source host machines.

On the Start menu under Programs > Acucorp 8.x.x > AcuSQL (or the name of the program group you specified), you will find entries for the AcuSQL Release Notes file. To view the online help for AcuSQL, select extend8 Documentation Set from the Start > Programs > Acucorp 8.x.x menu. This opens a document containing a listing of available documentation. Then select the AcuSQL User’s Guide from this listing.