A_MSSQL_STRIP_PATH_INFO configuration variable

This configuration variable addresses a change in the new naming syntax Microsoft SQL Server introduced for servers: Servername\Instancename. Acu4GL for SQL Server treats the naming as a path, and strips the Servername portion.

This is correct behavior. If you use a mix of Vision and SQL Server, and use FILE-PREFIX with a value containing multiple directory levels such as \usr\data\ar, then this information is stripped from the file name before it opens. This configuration variable prevents this

When set to the default value of TRUE (ON, YES, 1), then the interface behaves as it always has. When set to FALSE (OFF, NO, 0), the interface ignores the name.

Note: Setting this variable to FALSE and using FILE_PREFIX with your SQL Server tables can cause unpredictable results. Use caution when using these variables in combination. Connecting to a single server/instance and using the A_MSSQL_DEFAULT_CONNECTION variable with that server/instance value may be a better way to handle an instance on a server that has multiple instances. However, this does not allow you to connect to multiple instances.