Retrieving Messages with the Debugger

Occasionally you may receive an error message that means syntax error. (In Informix, for example, this is error code 201.) You can examine the error file and determine the cause of the problem if you receive this error code. You'll need to rerun the program, specifying the options shown below, and turning on Trace Files (TF) when execution begins:

runcbl -dle errfile -x yourprog 

The -d turns on the debugger. The source code does not need to be compiled in debug mode. After you press Enter, you will be at the debugger screen. Enter the following command:

tf n

where n is a number from 1 to 9. The higher the number you enter, the more debugging information you receive. See Debugger and Utilities for more information on using the debugger.

FILE TRACE ON is echoed on the screen. Now enter the following command:


You are now running your program normally. Proceed until you encounter the error condition, and then exit. Your error file contains the error information described in Method One, above, and also contains the SQL queries that the Acu4GL product constructed. Examining these queries can help to determine the cause of the syntax error. Please contact Technical Services if you need help.