A_MSSQL_NT_AUTHENTICATION configuration variable

The A_MSSQL_NT_AUTHENTICATION configuration variable indicates whether Microsoft SQL Server authenticates users based on their Windows login.

If this variable is set to True (on, yes), Acu4GL for MSSQL interface attempts to log users on using the Microsoft SQL Server Windows NT authentication mode. (See your SQL Server documentation for information about this authentication mode.) When A_MSSQL_NT_AUTHENTICATION is enabled, the A_MSSQL_LOGIN and A_MSSQL_PASSWD configuration variables are no longer needed or used. (They are still available if you are not using Windows NT authentication mode.) If you have not set up Microsoft SQL Server itself to allow this type of authentication, setting this variable to TRUE causes all login attempts to fail. See your Microsoft SQL Server documentation for information on how to set up this type of authentication.

The default is False (off, no), indicating that Acu4GL does not use Windows NT authentication mode when logging users on and continues to use login and password authentication.