UNIX Installation Steps

The Acu4GL for Oracle product on UNIX is an add-on module that must be linked with the ACUCOBOL-GT run time system. For this reason, you'll need a C compiler to install the Acu4GL product. To interface, you must use the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler and runtime; the version of the run time must match the version of Acu4GL.

Acu4GL is distributed as a tar file, which contains a shell script and a pax file. From a temporary directory, extract the tar file.

tar xvf setup_dbc2.1-32bit.tar

Then execute the shell script as root.


Follow the instructions. If you are installing a 64-bit version, replace the 32-bit above with 64-bit. This copies files from the distribution medium to your product directory structure.

Note that each Acu4GL product has its own license file that must be located in the same directory as the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime. For Oracle, the license file is distributed with the name "runcbl.olc".