FILE_PREFIX configuration variable

Use this variable to specify the directories in which AcuXDBC should search for data files. You can specify multiple locations for your data files. Until you specify a data directory, AcuXDBC will not let you log on.

You must prepend the line with a semi-colon, use double backslashes ("\\") or single forward slashes ("/") between directory names, and separate your paths by semi-colons. If any of your directories contain spaces, place the entire entry (including the prepended semi-colon) in quotation marks:

FILE_PREFIX ";c:\my dir1;c:\my dir2"

For best performance, list the directories in the order in which you want AcuXDBC to search.


FILE_PREFIX   ";C:\\data\\data;\\XYZDomain\\data"


FILE_PREFIX   ";C:/data/data;/XYZDomain/data"

Use the DICTSOURCE variable to specify the location of your system catalog. Both DICTSOURCE and FILE_PREFIX are required.