JULIAN_BASE_DATE configuration variable

A Julian date is the number of days since a certain base date. For example, if the Julian base date is June 18, 2006 and today's date is July 4, 2006, the Julian date is 16. The default Julian base date in AcuXDBC is January 1, 1900.

To specify the date from which to start counting Julian dates, use the JULIAN_BASE_DATE variable. Specify a base date in the format yyyy/mm/dd.



Note that you can enter any Julian Base Date, regardless of whether or not the date is valid. Also note that when AcuXDBC calculates Julian dates, the Julian base date becomes date 0. For example, if your Julian base date is October 30, 2006, the Julian dates are counted as follows:

October 30 Julian date 0
October 31 Julian date 1
November 1 Julian date 2
November 2 Julian date 3
November 3    Julian date 4