Using AcuSQL From Within AcuBench

Using AcuSQL within AcuBench is easy. Simply set the -Ps pre-compiler option (and any other desired options) in the File Compiler Options dialog box whenever you add an ESQL source file to the project. Thereafter, AcuBench automatically pre-compiles the file every time the project is built or the file is compiled.

Pre-compiler options, such as -Pe, are set in the File Compiler Options dialog box. To open the File Compiler Options dialog box, right-click the ESQL file in the Source tab and select Program Compile Options from the menu. In the Catalog drop-down list of the File Compiler Options dialog box, select Pre-compiler from the list.

Pre-compiler options are identified on the command line by the -Px flag. Pre-compiler options are described in Using AcuSQL from the Compiler.

If your ESQL files have a unique file suffix, such as .sqb (a suffix used by many IBM ESQL developers), you will want to add that suffix to the Source tab properties so that your ESQL files will automatically be included in the Source tab. To modify the Source tab properties, right click the Source tab and select Properties from the pop-up menu. Add the suffix to the list in the Extension names entry field. Note that a semicolon separates each suffix except the last one.

ESQL files, like all COBOL source files, can be opened into the Code Editor by double-clicking the file name in the Source tab or by right-clicking the file icon and selecting View code from the pop-up menu.