Installing and Removing acuserve as a Windows Service

acuserve is designed to run as a Windows service. When you install acuserve as a service, acuserve is started automatically each time the system is booted. If you do not install acuserve as a service, acuserve will stop whenever you log off of the server.

Note: With Windows you can configure any service to be either automatic or manual. As the name suggests, an automatic service starts up automatically when the system is booted; a manual service must be started by an administrator any time the system reboots. By default, acuserve is installed as an automatic service.

When you first install the AcuServer software, you are given the option to automatically install acuserve as a service. If you did not install the service during the initial AcuServer installation process, if you need to install the service again, or if you want to install multiple instances of acuserve, this help section describes the process of establishing acuserve as a service using either the AcuServer Control Panel or the Windows command line. See Installing a Windows NT/2000/2003/2008 Server for more information.

Note that if you have multiple instances of the acuserve service running at the same time, each instance must have a unique name. You can then assign client applications to a particular instance of the acuserve service via the ACUSERVER_PORT variable in the runtime configuration file. This can help to balance the client load and improve performance.

Removing the acuserve service shuts down AcuServer (if the server is currently running), removes acuserve as a Windows NT/2000 service, and deletes any stored start-up parameters for the service.

Remember that you must be logged in as administrator or as a member of the administrators group to install or remove the acuserve service.

Note that installing a service on a particular port resets all start-up options for the service on that port. Any start-up options that you specify when you install the acuserve service on a particular port are stored and used each time the service is started.