Displaying an Access Record

To display one or all of the access records from the command line, select option [4] from the access file utility main menu.

You can display records to the screen, or you can output all of the records to a file. The manager first asks if you want to display the records to the screen.

Display to the screen [Y]? y

If yes, the manager will respond with the following prompt:

Display all records [Y]? y
Displaying all records...

If you want to see an individual record, respond no (n) to Display all records?, and the manager will display the following prompts:

Enter official client machine name:
Enter client user name:

If a match is found, the record will be displayed, otherwise the manager will state that no match was found and return to the main menu.

No matching record found.
Press <Return> to continue...

If you want to copy all of the records to a file, respond no to the Display to the screen? prompt. The manager will then prompt for a filename.

Enter the name of the Server Report File
Filename [AcuAccess.rpt]:

Enter a file name, or accept the default. The manager will copy the access records to the named file.

Creating 'AcuAccess.rpt'

In the AcuServer Control Panel, the access records contained in a specific AcuAccess file are automatically displayed when you open the server access file. Note that regardless of whether or not passwords have been specified in the AcuAccess file, the list of records shown in the ACP does not include a Password column.