Setting Headers and Footers

By default, when you print a file that is open in the Code Editor, a header and footer are added to each page. The default header prints the file name, centered, and the default footer shows the page number, also centered.

To change the header and footer settings, open the Page Setup dialog and edit the contents of the Header and Footer entry-fields. You can enter a literal value and/or a combination of special characters, as indicated in the following tables. You can also click the arrow button to the right of the field and select values corresponding to the special characters from a list.

Header and footer values are indicated by the following characters:

Value Character
Full Path Filename &U
Filename &F
Page number &N
Current time &T
Current date &D

Alignment positions for header and footer items are represented by the following:

Position Character
Left align &L
Center &C
Right align &R