Using the Toolbar Designer

The Toolbar Designer is a utility that allows you to design and create toolbar controls for a screen. The Toolbar Designer is available only for graphical screens. A toolbar is a collection of controls arranged in a row below a screen's menu bar (if present), or at the top of the window if no menu bar exists.

The size of a Toolbar Designer can be changed through use of the left mouse button. To change the size, click the box surrounding the Toolbar Designer and drag a corner of it until it becomes the size you need.

When you draw controls directly on a toolbar, you cannot drag them out again; they are grouped inside of it. This allows you to move a toolbar and have the control remain inside it. You can copy a control that is in a toolbar and paste it outside of the toolbar if you want to remove it and use it elsewhere.

The Screen Designer lets you create multiple toolbars for a screen, and a screen can use more than one toolbar at a time. More information about using more than one toolbar at a time can be found later in this chapter.