Reparsing Source Files

When a source file is added to a project, you can direct AcuBench to parse the source file to identify and add all COPY files referenced by the program to the current project. In the course of development, you may make changes to the source file that introduce new COPY files. When this is true, you should reparse your source file so that the new COPY files are added to the project and found during compilation.

To reparse a file, right-click the desired source file in the Workspace window’s File view, and select Reparse from the pop-up menu. When reparsing is complete, a confirmation message is displayed in the Output window.

To reparse all source files in the workspace, select Reparse All from the Build drop-down menu. As the reparsing process proceeds, status messages are displayed in the Output window.

Note: AcuBench uses the directories named in the COPYPATH environment variable to look for COPY files. Directories are searched in the order defined (first to last). If the -Sp compile option is set on the file, the directories associated with the option are searched to locate COPY files. The value of COPYPATH is ignored. To check or set the -Sp option, right-click the file and select Program Compile Options from the pop-up menu. Select Source Options from the catalog drop-down list and locate the option labeled Directories to search for COPY.