Regenerating a Workspace

Use the Build > Regenerate Workspace command to cause all the code-generating elements of a workspace to be regenerated, including every program and screen, Working-Storage and Linkage Section items, all Event Editor code, and all code derived from each data set.

To streamline the process of regenerating and rebuilding a workspace, you can have AcuBench automatically regenerate the workspace each time that you issue a Build Workspace or Rebuild Workspace command. To do this, open the Tools > Options interface, expand the Environment tree, and select Build. Under When building or reparsing the workspace, mark the box next to Always generate modified program (.psf) files before compiling source files.

If you use the AcuBench command-line interface to build a workspace, the workspace is automatically regenerated before source programs are compiled.

You can stop code generation by pressing Enter or Esc.