The Report Line

The report line is similar to the ACUCOBOL-GT bar control. This report element can be useful in a report's header and footer sections, for example, for underscoring column headings or totals. The report line Property window contains the following control-specific properties in addition to the properties described in Common Report Control Properties.


A drop-down box allows the selection of HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL. The default value is HORIZONTAL.

Size (Lines)

This property represents the width of a horizontal report line or the height of a vertical report line.

Note that the standard unit of measure used by Size is set in the Tools > Options > Report Writer > General dialog box. In this interface, you can select Inch (the default) or Centimeter in the Unit frame.


The value of this property is a unit of measure in pixels. The default value is 1. For a horizontal line, this measure is the width of the line from top to bottom. For a vertical line, this measure is the width of the line from left to right.