Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks provide another useful method for navigating through your code. The Code Editor allows you to insert these markers in your source code for reference purposes, then jump forward and backward from maker to marker. These markers do not alter your code. They simply allow you to move around in your file more easily. The Code Editor displays an icon in the Bookmark pane to indicate that a line is bookmarked.

Bookmarks also function as AcuBench debugger breakpoints in your code. More detailed information about breakpoint behavior can be found in The AcuBench Integrated Debugger.

Bookmarks are visible only in the Bookmark pane, so that Code Editor window component should be open if you want to see the marks. However, you can still move easily among your bookmarked lines of code, even if you cannot see the marks. Navigation between bookmarks is not affected by icon visibility.

When you work with source files and COPY files in the Code Editor, bookmarks are automatically saved in the workspace file when you close the editor. Note that while you can also use bookmarks in the Event Editor, those bookmarks are ephemeral, lasting only as long as the editor window is open. If your bookmarks vanish unexpectedly, verify which editor you are using. The Event Editor is discussed in Working with Screens.

To insert a bookmark in your text, go to the line you wish to mark and click the Toggle Bookmark button in the Editor toolbar. You can also expand the Edit menu and select Bookmark > Toggle Bookmark or use the Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut. Use the same command to remove a bookmark.

When you add a bookmark, if the bookmark pane is visible, a bookmark icon appears next to the selected line. You can show or hide the bookmark pane by marking or unmarking the Bookmark Pane check box in the View menu.

To move the cursor to the previous bookmarked line in your code, use the Previous Bookmark button on the Editor toolbar. To move the cursor to the next bookmarked line of code, use the Next Bookmark button. To clear all the bookmarks from the active document, use the Clear All Bookmarks button.