Using Paragraph, Variable, and Constant Lists

AcuBench maintains lists of the paragraphs, variables, and constants defined in your program. These lists make it easy to jump to the line of code where the paragraph, variable, or constant is defined, or to insert the paragraph, variable, or constant name into your code. When you open a list, it appears in a modeless window that allows you to work in the editor window while the list is displayed.

You can easily access any of these lists while working in the Code Editor or Event Editor using any of the following methods:

The lists display the following information:

Each of the aforementioned Tools > Options interfaces is described in Paragraph List, Variable List, Constant List, and COPY File List Options.

You can easily insert into your code any paragraph name, variable, or constant that appears on one of these lists. Position the cursor in your code where you want the item name to appear. In the pop-up list, select a name, right-click, and choose Paste. Note that you can change the cursor’s position in the code and paste an item multiple times. You can also double-click an item name to insert it at the cursor’s location.

Each of the lists offers a variety of additional functions: