Installing and Uninstalling AcuBench

Before you install AcuBench, be sure that the host machine meets the minimum requirements specified in the previous section. Note that AcuBench Version 8.x requires the Micro Focus Version 8.x compiler and runtime.

AcuBench is delivered on CD-ROM. In addition to the CD-ROM, you must have two license codes (the product code and product key) to successfully install the product. You should find the license codes in your product materials. If they are not included, contact your Micro Focus extend Sales Professional.

The setup program starts automatically when you insert the CD-ROM into your drive. If the setup program does not start, go to the Windows Start menu, select Run, and enter the device name of your CD-ROM followed by setup.exe. For example:


Follow the instructions on the screen and enter the license codes when prompted.

To avoid the unintentional overwriting and loss of existing AcuBench projects, files, and executables, install this version into a new folder.

AcuBench can be installed on systems that also have an earlier version of the workbench installed. You do not need to move or uninstall the earlier version in order to use that version and the new version. Note that the new version does not automatically find and use the .ini file options used by the earlier version. If you want the current version of AcuBench to use the options specified in a .ini file from a previous version, use the Tools > OptionsLoad command to load the previous version’s .ini file into the current version’s Application Data folder.

If you reinstall the same version of AcuBench for any reason, note that the existing .ini file in the Application Data folder is not overwritten at installation. For example, if you want to revert to the installation defaults in the AcuBench.ini file, you would need to delete the existing .ini file before reinstalling AcuBench.

To uninstall AcuBench, use the Add/Remove Program applet in the Windows Control Panel.