When you want to create a report in AcuBench, a logical starting point is the definition of the data that you want processed and formatted into that report. After you have determined the information that your report should contain, you can design its appearance. The following general steps describe how to create a report in AcuBench:

  1. Create or open the project and set up your work environment.
  2. If you are working with data in sequential, relative, or Vision indexed files, create and refine your data layout (.dlt) in the File Designer.
  3. If you have created one or more data layout files, create the corresponding data set(s) in the Data Set Designer.
  4. Create a new report, then use the Report Composer interface to refine the report layout.
  5. Make one-time modifications to the generated code.
  6. Compile and run the program to generate the report.

This chapter discusses the types of reports that you can create with the Report Composer, the interfaces used to design a report, and the process of creating the report from start to finish.