Reports Generated Without BeforeDoPrint and AfterDoPrint Events

If you did not define and code BeforeDoPrint and AfterDoPrint events, as described in BeforeDoPrint and AfterDoPrint Event Paragraphs, your .cbl source file will look something like this:

*{Bench} report-masterprintpara 

To add the code to read data into your report, you will need to manually code a DO-PRINT-RTN paragraph after the last AcuBench tag. For example:


Be aware that doing so will mean that this code will not be part of the .psf file. If the .cbl file is lost, the Read code is also lost. Also, it becomes necessary to perform version control on both the .cbl and .rpt files. For these reasons it is recommended defining BeforeDoPrint and AfterDoPrint events from within the Report Composer.