Setting the "--char2gui" Runtime Option

After the relevant programs are compiled, you need to execute them. Perform this step as if you were running the programs normally, except add the --char2gui option to the runtime command line to launch the Character-to-GUI Wizard along with your program. In AcuBench, you add the --char2gui option to the runtime through the Project Settings dialog box as follows:

  1. Select the Project > Settings command to display the Project Settings dialog box. Choose the Runtime tab.
  2. Select Common Options in the catalog drop-down box. Check the --char2gui option, Import Character Screen File.
  3. Select OK to save the setting.
  4. Select Save as Default to save the setting in the default.pof file. These settings are applied to new projects when they are created.

Alternatively, to select the --char2gui option, you can right-click the program node in the File tab and select the Character Screen Import command from the pop-up menu. Note that only the Windows 32-bit runtime supports this option.