Adding ActiveX Controls to the Component Toolbox

  1. Make sure that the control that you want to use is installed and registered on your system. If the control is installed but not registered, you can use the Microsoft Windows regsvr32 command to add the control to the Windows registry. The syntax is:
    regsvr32 control-name.ocx
  2. In the AcuBench Screen Designer, click the ActiveX bar in the Screen Component Toolbox.

    This hides the list of standard controls, opening an area that can be populated with ActiveX controls.

  3. Right-click in the Screen Component Toolbox and click ActiveX Control Components. This opens the ActiveX Control Components window, which lists all of the ActiveX controls currently installed and registered on your system.

    This is the same list that appears when you use AXDEFGEN, the ACUCOBOL-GT ActiveX definition generator. AcuBench uses AXDEFGEN to perform necessary ActiveX-handling tasks behind the scenes. This means that you don't have to access the utility directly when you are working in AcuBench.

  4. Scroll through the list of ActiveX components to find the control(s) that you would like to use and check the check box next to each control.
  5. When you are finished selecting controls, click OK.

    An icon is added to the ActiveX section of the Screen Component Toolbox for each control that you have selected.

Note: During code generation, AcuBench automatically adds an @ symbol to the ActiveX's control name. This avoids possible errors that can result from ActiveX control names that are identical to AcuBench control names, or to COBOL reserved words.