The licensing scheme for AcuConnect allows AcuConnect to track both types of client connection: distributed processing and thin client. The Activator creates acurcl.alc when generating licenses for thin client connections and acurcl.clc when generating licenses for distributed processing connections.

AcuConnect is shipped with a product code and product key that defines the licensing capabilities specified in your purchase agreement. When you supply your key information during installation, the Activator creates a license file that contains information such as the product's version number, serial number, expiration date, and server count. After installation, AcuConnect must be able to locate the license file to function.

AcuConnect searches for acurcl.alc for thin client connections and acurcl.clc for distributed processing connections in the same directory as the acurcl executable file. If you move the AcuConnect executable file to a new directory, be sure to move a copy of the license file as well. If no license file is found, or if the information in the license file does not permit execution, AcuConnect exits with an error message.

When AcuConnect detects a client request to start a remote application runtime, it checks the connection count to see if another connection is permitted. If another connection is allowed, AcuConnect attempts to start a runtime on the server and connect it with the client process. The runtime, in turn, checks its usage count before it begins execution of the application. When an AcuConnect user disconnects from the remote server by exiting the COBOL program, the AcuConnect and runtime usage counts are decremented and those slots are made available to subsequent users. If the usage limit has been reached, the server runtime is not started and an appropriate message is returned to the end user.

The ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client, which is installed on client machines, is available on your product media or as a download on Micro Focus's Product Support Web site. You are required to accept a clickwrap license agreement on installation.

The acushare utility is required for all UNIX installations that do not have an unlimited license. The acushare utility monitors and enforces the site runtime usage limits.

Please note that when accessing extend products on remote servers via the Internet or a virtual private network, products or technologies from third-party vendors like Microsoft may be invoked. Carefully review any license agreements with these third-party vendors before proceeding with the remote connection.

Nothing in this document is intended to amend the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement between you and Micro Focus. Rather, this content is meant to summarize the various aspects of Micro Focus's licensing technology, which is required to operate the extend software. The terms and conditions of your licensing of extend software shall continue to be governed by the applicable license agreement between you and Micro Focus.