Graphical Control Event Handling

Three runtime configuration variables give you some control over which events your application receives. Letting the thin client filter out some events can reduce network traffic and enhance performance. TC_EVENT_LIST and TC_AX_EVENT_LIST can contain the numeric value of an event type or a list of event types separated by non-numeric characters. TC_AX_EVENT_LIST is for .NET or ActiveX event types. If the value of TC_EXCLUDE_EVENT_LIST is "1", the specified events are not sent to your program. See Creating a Runtime Configuration File for the Remote Server Component for more information about these variables.

Three common control properties perform the same functions for individual graphical controls. EVENT-LIST and AX-EVENT-LIST properties allow you to specify a list of event types to either send or block from the program, depending on the value of the EXCLUDE-EVENT-LIST property. By default, listed events are sent to the program. See Common Screen Options in the ACUCOBOL-GT Reference Manual for detailed information about these properties.

One advantage to using the configuration variables for these functions is that you don't have to change your application code. For example, if program performance is affected by a single ActiveX control type or events that have unique type numbers, these are easily specified in a configuration file. Using the configuration variables is also an easy way to test whether this feature can improve system performance.