Thin Client Application Design

Designing an application for our Thin Client environment presents some unique issues. In addition to user interface design concerns and certain issues with Windows and printing, various technical limitations apply in this model.

Note that if your application is currently in a language other than ACUCOBOL-GT, you must migrate your code to ACUCOBOL-GT before you can implement our Thin Client solution. You can perform the migration yourself, hire Micro Focus's Professional Services Organization (PSO) to do it for you, or work together with Micro Focus's PSO.

No special preparation is needed for your data in a thin client environment. Because your data resides on a server (either the same server as the application or on a different data server) access to that data is the same as it would be in a standard client/server environment using AcuServer or Acu4GL. The server runtime passes the results back to the ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client for display. If the data resides on the same server as the application runtime, no extra communication software is required.