.msi Installer

When the installer file has an .msi extension, the location specified in the TC_INSTALLER_TARGET_DIR configuration variable is used for setting the installation directory that appears in the installer dialog. The acuthin.msi file distributed with AcuConnect defines a default location of

C:\Program Files\ACUCOBOL-GT\Acucbl8xx\AcuGT\bin

If the installation directory for the new version of thin client is the same as the location of the currently running thin client, the installer cannot overwrite the executables and DLLs because they are in use. To avoid this problem, set TC_INSTALLER_TARGET_DIR to a unique name that includes the version number and build number, if necessary.

Note that if you set TC_INSTALLER_RUN_ASYNC, you may install the new thin client in the same directory as the currently running thin client. The system allows the executable and DLLs to be overwritten as soon as the current thin client exits, which with TC_INSTALLER_RUN_ASYNC, happens immediately after the thin client starts the installer. However, in this instance, the thin client does not automatically restart the application. See Restarting the Application with the New Thin Client for more information on TC_INSTALLER_RUN_ASYNC.