Thin Client Automatic Update

The ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client has an automatic update feature that determines whether the acuthin executable on the client is compatible with the server components (the AcuConnect executable acurcl and the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime executable wrun32 or runcbl) and triggers an automatic update of the client piece if it is not. This feature is especially helpful if you need to update a large number of clients after you update your server components. With the automatic update, users do not see an error message regarding a version mismatch, and they can use the application immediately after the update.

With this feature, the thin client can automatically download and install a new version of the client piece that matches the server version. It can then restart the user's application using the newly installed thin client.

Note that if your server is running AcuConnect Version 7.2 or later, it cannot automatically update a thin client that is earlier than Version 7.2. However, Version 7.2 can be updated from one product build to another via the TC_CHECK_INSTALLER_TIMESTAMP or the TC_REQUIRES_BUILD_NUMBER configuration variable. (This function may be useful when installing a patched product.) You can also test the automatic update process by using the --testautoupdate command-line option to acuthin.