Microsoft Windows Installer

After the installer file downloads successfully, the thin client executes the Microsoft Windows Installer (msiexec.exe), which installs the new ACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client. Note that msiexec.exe is available on, and the .msi file extension is automatically recognized by, later generations of Microsoft operating systems. However, Windows NT may require the installation of a patch from Microsoft to execute the .msi file. These patch files are InstMsiW.exe for Windows NT Service Pack 6 and later.

Distributed with AcuConnect, these two files are located in the REDIST directory on the product CD. For the automatic download to work, you need to copy the appropriate patch file to the same directory as the installer file on the server, that is, the directory containing the runtime executable wrun32 or runcbl or the directory specified in TC_INSTALLER_SERVER_FILE.

The acuthin.msi file contains a default location for the install. If you want to install to a different location, use the TC_INSTALLER_TARGET_DIR configuration variable.

Note that on Windows servers, you should not use drive letters mapped to network shares in TC_INSTALLER_TARGET_DIR. Problems can occur if you try to use a drive letter that is mapped in a different security context. Instead, use UNC names to access resources. The format looks like the following:

TC_INSTALLER_TARGET_DIR \\MyServer\sharename\directoryname

The keywords or numeric values in the TC_INSTALLER_UI_LEVEL configuration variable control the Windows installer interface.

Set TC_INSTALLER_UI_LEVEL to...     if you...
NONE or "0" do not want msiexec.exe to display a user interface. This setting adds the /qn command-line option to msiexec.
UNATTENDED or "1" want msiexec.exe to display informational and progress messages, but to execute unattended. This setting adds the /passive command-line option to msiexec.
INTERACTIVE, DEFAULT, or "2" want msiexec.exe to prompt for and accept user input for the installation process. For example, the user could choose the directory location for thin client installation. This setting adds the /qf command-line option to msiexec.
REDUCED or "3" want msiexec.exe to use a reduced user interface. This setting adds the /qr command-line option to msiexec.