The acuthin Command

The acuthin command parameters can be specified as follows:

acuthin server[:port] [rarg1 [rarg2 . . .]] alias [carg1 [carg2 . . .]]


acuthin acurcep://server[:port]/alias[?carg1[&carg2 . . .]]


[ ] is optional parameters
server is a server name
port is a port number
rarg1 is an argument passed on the runtime command line before the program name
carg1 is an argument passed on the runtime command line after the program name
acurcep     is ACUCOBOL-GT Remote COBOL Execution Protocol
alias is an alias that identifies a COBOL application on the server

For example:

acuthin myserver:5633 –d myprog1 10 20 30


acuthin acurcep://myserver:5633/myprog1?10&20&30

If you execute the acuthin command with an invalid argument, AcuConnect displays a standard "Usage:" error message. For example:

Usage: acuthin [--ping | -p] server:port
acuthin --accept
acuthin --register
acuthin --unregister
acuthin [-t [n]] server[:port] [runtime options] ALIAS
[COBOL arguments]

Other acuthin command-line options allow you to perform specific functions. See Debugging in a Transaction Processing Environment for a description of debugging a COBOL program from within a transaction processing environment. See Testing Your AcuConnect Connection for information about command-line options to test your connection (-p or --ping). See Setting Username and Password for a description of the options for designating username and password (--user and --password).