AcuConnect Fails to Start

Perform the following procedure if AcuConnect fails to start.
  1. Verify that Windows and UNIX permissions are set correctly on the files. See Establishing System Security for more information.
  2. In Windows, verify the status of the service. To do this, enter:
    sc query acurcl

    The system should display the current state of AcuConnect and should say "RUNNING". If the service is not running, the system will return an error message similar to the following:

    [sc]EnumQueryServiceStatus:OpenService failed 1060
    Note: Another method for verifying the status of the service is to select: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services and then check the AcuConnect service status. You should see "Started" under "Status". You may also check the Event Viewer for more information. Select these options: Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Log > Application.
  3. Examine AcuConnect service events to determine if there were any errors at startup.