This configuration variable determines whether AcuConnect attempts to start a runtime through the user's UNIX login shell. When USE_UNIX_SHELL is set to "true" (1, on, yes), AcuConnect reads the user's login shell files based on the shell named in /etc/passwd when it starts a runtime for that user. As a result, the runtime has access to all the environment variables that the user has set in the startup file. The default value is "false".

Note: Running AcuConnect in debug mode when USE_UNIX_SHELL is "on" in a distributed processing deployment may render the UNIX debugger display unreadable. This behavior occurs because the TERM environment variable is automatically set to "dumb" when USE_UNIX_SHELL is on. To avoid this behavior, you can add a line to your shell's login script file (for example, .profile, .bash_profile, or .cshrc) that sets either the TERM or A_TERM environment variable to another value.