ACUCONNECT_RUNTIME_FLAGS are parameters that you would normally put on the runtime command line when starting the remote application. These are used when the runtime for the remote application executes.

For example:

ACUCONNECT_RUNTIME_FLAGS *servername: -le errfile

Any runtime flag documented in the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide can be used, except -d. For information on how to run the remote application in debug mode, see the reference topics ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD and ACUCONNECT_DEBUG_METHOD_STRING.

Note: The server runtime runs in batch mode by default. It is not necessary to include -b in the runtime flags.

ACUCONNECT_RUNTIME_FLAGS also contains the name of the runtime configuration file for the remote application. By default, this file is named cblconfig and is located in the \etc directory in which you installed AcuConnect.