Similar to DEFAULT_MAP_FILE, this configuration variable lets you specify a map file for use with international character translation. However, this variable specifies a map file for use with a specific server. The map file itself can be stored anywhere.

For example, if you include the following statement in your client application:

CALL "prog2" using my-data.

and your client configuration file includes:

CODE_PREFIX *sun3:/usr/obj *sun4:/usr/obj



causes the map file pc_iso_map to be applied if prog2 is found and run on sun3 but not on sun4. As with DEFAULT_MAP_FILE, you may use AcuServer® remote name notation to point to a map file residing on a remote server running AcuServer.

Note: You can have only one DEFAULT_MAP_FILE variable specified in the client configuration file, but you can have as many server_MAP_FILE variables as you want.