Multiple-User License File Management

Micro Focus offers multiple-user license files for extend products. This enables end-user sites to plan for network growth and make arrangements to accommodate peaks in application use.

The first step in creating a multiple-user license file is to determine how many end users might need to execute the product simultaneously.

To determine this maximum on UNIX machines, you count the number of unique terminal names that might need to execute the product at the same time. On Windows systems, each connected machine is counted. Request a license file for the maximum number of simultaneous users. This number is the user limit. The user limit is encoded in the product code and key that create the license file. The product is also assigned a unique serial number in its license file.


On systems using Alternate Terminal Manager (ATM), the system cannot recognize which user is running a particular process. In that environment, one process equals one user.

For example, suppose the Adams Corporation has 50 end users, not all of whom use the system at the same time. Adams' managers predict that, with planned expansion, up to 30 of these users may need to execute the runtime at the same time.

Adams Corporation arranges for a 30-user license file, which gives all 50 of their end users access to the runtime system, with up to 30 having simultaneous access.

If Adams has a Windows network, up to 30 connected machines may execute the runtime system at the same time. The number of processes is not monitored.

If Adams has a UNIX network, the 30-user license file allows up to 30 terminals to execute at the same time. Because users often run background processes, each terminal is allowed to run more than one runtime process at a time. This ensures that background processes such as reports can be processed while interactive work continues. This is managed by the acushare utility, described in Acushare License File Management for UNIX and Linux.

To establish a multiple-user license file on other operating systems, such as VMS, please contact your local Micro Focus extend representative.