SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX Configuration Variable

If you install ACUCOBOL-GT as a shared object library and you don't install to the default location, you need to set an appropriate library path variable (LIBPATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH) specifying the location of the shared objects. The SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX variable helps the runtime find (or in case the LIBPATH (or LD_LIBRARY_PATH) variable is not set. (or .sl) is needed for AcuServer and AcuConnect support.

If a shared library name is specified without any directory information and the system call fails to load the shared library, the runtime will try to load the shared library from each of the directories specified in the SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX configuration variable.

The default value for SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX is /opt/acucorp/xxx/lib: /opt/acu/lib. The format of the value of SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX is the same as FILE_PREFIX. You can set SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX in the configuration file or environment, or programatically with the SET verb. Note that the runtime searches for and loads (or using the default value of SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX. This happens before reading the configuration file, environment, or running any COBOL code.

You can set SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX to an empty value if you do not want to use it.

Also, if the license is for AcuTSL, in a transactional server environment such as CICS, the runtime will add /opt/acucorp/xxx/bin/runcbl.1lc and /opt/acu/bin/runcbl.1lc to its list of license files to check. First the runtime checks $ACUCOBOL/etc/license.acu, then /etc/license.acu. If neither exists, the runtime will check /opt/acucorp/xxx/bin/runcbl.1lc and finally /opt/acu/bin/runcbl.1lc.

For cases in which users install ACUCOBOL-GT in the default location, /opt/acucorp/xxx or /opt/acu, and they have a license file, runcbl.1lc in their bin directory, they will not need to copy the license to /etc/license.acu.