The Activator Utility

The Activator Utility automates the process of creating a license file.

During installation, select Install License Activator on the Installation Settings page to install the Activator Utility (activator.exe). It is installed in the \AcuGT\bin sub-directory of the installation directory.

Note: Always use the version of the Activator supplied with the version of the product you have installed.

To create the required license files during installation, select Launch License Activator on the Installation Settings page. This will launch the Activator Utility when the selected products have installed, enabling you to enter the product code and key pairs required to create the license files.

You can also create license files after the installation by running the Activator Utility (activator.exe) from the location detailed above or from the Start menu.

During product installation, if the Activator detects the presence of an existing license file, the extension of the existing file is changed before a new license file is created. For example, runcbl.alc is renamed!. If the Activator is unable to rename the existing license file, it quits with an error message, and no new license file is created. If a license file with the back-up extension already exists, the Activator attempts to overwrite it. If that fails, the Activator quits with an error message and no new license file is created. On Windows platforms, file attributes such as Read Only are also preserved.