Supported XFD Directives

The following XFD directives are supported.

XFD Directive Brief Description
ALPHA Allows you to treat a data item as alphanumeric text in the database, when it is declared as numeric in the COBOL program
BINARY Specifies that the data in the field could be alphanumeric data of any classification
COBOL-TRIGGER Tells Acu4GL that a COBOL trigger is to be executed
COMMENT Allows you to include comments in an XFD file
DATE Stores a field in the database as a date or time
FILE Supplies a starting name from which the XFD file name is formed
NAME Assigns a database field name to the field defined on the next line
NUMERIC Allows you to treat a data item as an unsigned integer when it is declared as alphanumeric
SECONDARY_TABLE Indicates that the next data item may be placed into a subordinate table
USE GROUP Allows you to enter a group item into the database as a single field
VAR_LENGTH Requests that the data item that immediately follows the XFD directive be assigned a type that implies variable length
WHEN Lets you include multiple record definitions or REDEFINES in a database table
XSL Allows you to include a stylesheet reference in the XML header