Windows client Installations

Complete the following steps to install the Acu4GL product on a Windows client machine.

Step 1: Choose your communication method

Be sure to choose your communication method at the client machine. To do this, follow the Sybase instructions for selecting a Net-Library.

After you make your selection, you will be prompted for directory names and for the server internet address or host name. The installation utility will then make an entry in the SQL.INI file, which points to the server. The SQL.INI file is located in the INI subdirectory under the directory where your Net-Library is stored.

The name of the server that is placed into SQL.INI is the name you must use in your COBOL configuration file with the variable A_SYB_DEFAULT_CONNECTION. Any name listed in brackets in that file can be used as a server name.

Step 2: Verify that your client is communicating with your server

To verify that you are connected, use the Sybase client utility SYBPING to ping the server. Make sure you receive a response to the ping.

The following sections describe the next steps to take before using Acu4GL for Sybase for the first time: