A FRAME is a simple box displayed on the screen. Use frames to group together items, to create a progress (or status) bar, or to add visual interest to the screen. Frames may have titles associated with them (which appear in their border) and can have a variety of 3-D effects applied to them. A frame may have only one 3-D style specified for it. If no 3-D styles are used, the frame is drawn as a simple line.

Frames are unusual in that they draw on only a portion of their total area. The interior of the frame is typically occupied by additional controls. Any interior portion of the frame that is not occupied by another control is shown as either spaces over the window's background color or filled with a color specified in the FILL-COLOR property. This means that you cannot display textual data (that is, Format 1 DISPLAY) inside a frame. If you need to create a box around textual data, use DISPLAY BOX.